"One Day At A Time"

New Meetings available throughout Lake County

NEW LOCATION for Spanish speaking meetings M-F 7-9pm

NEW LOCATION for Friday night “Brown Baggers” at 6pm

NEW LOCATION for Thursday night “HUGS” at 6pm beginning June 1, 2017

NEW LOCATION for Monday “KISS Meeting” at 6pm beginning June 1, 2017

• A NEW meeting started on Wednesday at 6pm at the Lower Lake Fellowship. It’s a “Stick Meeting”
Find the directions here.

•••As of Labor day, The webmaster has been informed that the Community building right next to where the former church stood, did survive the Clayton destruction The Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 AM meetings will be held there. Hope you can make it. The directions are located on the map below.

This is the NEW schedule of MEETINGS in Clearlake Oaks

• "Happy Hour" • Saturday Night 6-7pm
12487 Plaza St. • Clearlake Oaks
1st Saturday: Sobriety Check-In meeting
2nd Saturday: Living Sober meeting
3rd: Saturday: Stick Meeting (Topics written on sticks)
4th Saturday: Speaker meeting
5th Saturday (if necessary): Pamphlet meeting

(Maps located beneath)

NEW LOCATION for the “KISSES” Meeting Monday and the “HUGS” Meeting Thursday at 6pm

  • Clearlake First Baptist Church 14550 Pearl Street, Clearlake, CA
    Mon 6p KISSES Meeting DM
    Thurs 6pm HUGS Meeting DM

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NEW LOCATION for Spanish Speaking Meetings M-F 7pm-9pm

  • Latino Wellness Center 14585 Olympic Drive • Clearlake
    M-F 7pm-9pm “AA Centro Latino De Clearlake” DM

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NEW LOCATION Lower Lake Tuesday & Thursday 10 am Meetings

  • 16255 2nd St, Lower Lake, CA
    United Methodist Church Community Center

    Tuesday 10AM D
    Thursday 10AM D

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NEW LOCATION Friday Night “Brown Baggers” meeting at 6pm

  • Assembly of God Church 4472 Snook Ave., Clearlake, CA

    FRIDAY 6PM Brown Baggers DM

    (Potluck Speaker Last Friday)

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