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Everyone is looking for things to do that can benefit your sobriety

• A really important event is coming up. Lake County AA’s “Spring Fling” This is an excellent opportunity for service. Please ask your Intergroup representative or come to an Intergroup meeting and sign up. Service is one of the three legacies in AA and this is a prime opportunity. No firm dates have been set yet however, Jennifer F. and Craig F. are going to be at the planning group meeting on February14th at 6:00pm a half an hour before the Full Intergroup meeting. So show up and sign up for the “2018 Lake County AA Spring Fling”!


If you know of an event coming up (district 13) for all to attend please, submit your information to the Intergroup webmaster so that it can be included on the “News & Events page” for everyone to see. A description with the time, date, location and any other information that’s necessary is all that is needed. Also, if you want to supply a *legible* scan, pdf, jpg or a .png those would be good also. Anyway, please stay in touch with us so that we can stay in touch with you. Please send news of upcoming events to the Intergroup webmaster by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page or ask your intergroup representative to announce it at the next intergroup meeting.

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